Tour overview

Enjoy the Sun, Sand and Sea in Northern Kenya.

The Northern region of Kenya is vast and scenic, It’s home to various tribes and has

remained comparatively inaccessible until now.

North is diverse and unique to herself , ranging from the lush highland green, on the

southern side of the Mathews ranges and the gem Samburu National Park home of the

grevys’ Zebra also only found in the North, to the red sands of the northern borders with

Ethiopia in through Chalbi desert, its terrain is varied, mysterious and extraordinarily



Day One

Route: Nairobi to Ngurunit (506 km) Approx.8hrs

Meal Stop: Nanyuki (at own cost)

Meals Provided: Dinner

Accommodation: New Golbo

Activity Included: Ngurunit Rock Pools

Day Two

Route: Ngurunit to Loiyangalani (160km) Approx.5hrs

Accommodation: Tilamari Village Inn

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Activity Included: Wind Farm, Lake Turkana

Day Three

Route: Loiyangalani to North Horr to Kalacha (65Km) Approx. 4hrs

Lunch Stop Over: North Horr Catholic Mission

Accommodation: Kalacha Cultural Centre

Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Activity Included: El Molo Cultural Tour, Desert Oasis, Sand Dunes

Day Four

Route: Kalacha to Marsabit (160Km) Approx.5.5hrs

Accommodation: Silvia Inn Hotel

Meals Provided Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Activity Included: The Desert, Lake Paraside Tour

 Day Five

Route: Marsabit to Nairobi (550Km) Approx. 8hrs

Meal Stop: Isiolo Town

Meals Provided: Breakfast


Let’s manage your expectations from the onset. The North offers one of the most scenic

landscapes in Kenya. However:-

If you are looking for fancy linen and bedding this is not the trip.

If you want some luxury. This is not the trip. Accommodation is basic, decent but it’s not


This is an adventure trip to the north and we ensure you are comfortable. The rooms are

clean, the food is fantastic, and the guides are awesome.

The places listed are budget but we have been able to get the best.

It’s a new destination and this is clear in the infrastructure, but we have been doing these trips

to transform lives through tourism in the North with our ground handler.

It’s an intense adventure and you will probably need to do your hair after this trip or hit the



1. Rucksack or Duffel preferred for luggage as opposed to suitcases.

2. Shower sandals/crocs as its shared shower in some places.

3. Power Bank

4. National ID/Passport

5. Proper Comfortable outdoor Shoes

6. Personal effects (wash kit, sunscreen, lip balm, slippers, soap, tissue paper, toothbrush +


7. Swimming Costumes

8. Hoodie/Warm Shuka / Shawl for evenings

9. Plenty of drinking water (3 liters for each day, you can topwater en route)

10. Sunhat and sunscreen

11. Snacks for the long drives

12. Day Pack /Small Bag to carry your personal items

13. Camera

14. Entertainment: Blue tooth speakers, Board Games

15. Insect repellant and Anti Histamine

16. Drinks and Beverages ( Beers are available at the local shops, please pack your preferred hard drinks)

17. Tip for guides, drivers, and chefs

18. Personal first aid and personal medication


1. You will get to refill on water and drinks at the designated local shops.

2. You are advised to pack items that are required during the day in a daypack to avoid the

inconvenience of opening the boot every time.

3. What to Wear: Desert safari clothes should be neutral, breathable, and adjustable for both

hot, and cold temperatures and plenty of dust. Hot, because the desert afternoons are

blazing sunny. And cold, because, as much as people think the desert is hot all the time;

early mornings and evenings can freeze cold.

4. Shoes: Comfortable light Sneakers, Sandals , flip-flops. You will be in the vehicle most of

the time. There will be short breaks and stops–where you get out to stretch your legs,

enjoy the desert scenery and take pictures. We recommend sneakers or light boots to walk

on the sand dunes

5. Sunscreen/Lip balm: The best way to protect yourself from sunburns is by covering

yourself with sunscreen. The lip balm will protect your lips from cracking as the desert is

dusty and dry. Make sure your sunscreen is not greasy, tacky, or too scented.


Meals are provided except for select lunches as per itinerary. However, snacks for the journey can

be sourced personally as well as drinking water.

The first day is a very long day. You are advised to pack away snacks. Kindly purchase all your

requirements in Nairobi.

PS: Any special dietary requirements such as diabetic, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or non-beef

MUST BE communicated in advance for the meals we prepare.


1. Ngurunit Community Fees – Kes. 300 p.p

2. El Molo Boat Ride – Kes. 500 p.p

3. Loiyangalani & NorthHorr Swimming Pool – Kes. 300 p.p


Your Tour will have crew members – your Driver(s)/ Trip Leader(s) and Local Guide(s)


This information and the itinerary we’ve given you, are intended to serve as guidelines only. Each

trip must be flexible to allow for all variables that are beyond our control – such as adverse road

conditions, complications caused by the weather, unstable political situations, as well as logistical

implications, and the group’s common good, etc. Our trips generally run as planned, and you’ll,

more than likely, get see everything listed, if not more


  • Meals on Safari
  • 4 Nights Accommodation
  • Lake paradise Tour
  • Desert Safari
  • Professional Tour Guide

Not Included

  • • Marsabit National Park entrance
  • • Drinks at designated stops
  • • personal items as listed above
  • • Tips for Guides
  • • Medical and Insurance expenses
  • • Swimming pool charge
  • Breakfast and Lunch on the first day

Day 1: Nairobi to Ngurunit

Depart early from Nairobi on a Land Cruiser and drive north past Nanyuki and the
beautiful farmlands of Timau to stop for fuel at Isiolo and a short bathroom break. Keep
heading north and stopover for photos and sightseeing at Mt. Ololokwe. Proceed to
Ngurunit, an oasis surrounded by ndoto ranges popularly known for its bird life, for
overnight and dinner with views of the ranges and the singing of bird life around.

Day 2: Ngurunit to Loiyangalani

After breakfast, head out south to Loiyangalani, a tourist town by the shores of Lake
Turkana, the largest Alkaline lake in the world. Arrive in time for lunch , and later enjoy the
afternoon cooling off at Oasis swimming pool. Late in the afternoon visit a small island
home to the famous El molo people who are 100% dependent on the lake for survival.If
you are out for some adventure you can visit Elmollo shrine Island by boat
Evening Sundowner on the lake is a lively way to end the day.

Day 3: Loiyangalani to North Horr to Kalacha

After breakfast leave the Lake town for Chalbi desert via North Horr .The journey leads
you to a beautiful oasis and sand dune at the edge of the Chalbi desert. The tour will take
you through the North Horr and Kalacha oasis, pleasant surprises in the middle of the very
arid countryside.
Spend the evening in cottages at the edge of the desert-Kalacha .The nights are great
for stargazing. It’s the perfect place to find your peace after a long drive in the desert

Day 4: Kalacha to Marsabit

In the morning embark on crossing the great Chalbi desert driving by the rock dune at
the heart of the desert. The journey leads you to a beautiful Gamura oasis in Maikona .
Also known for its shallow wells, it later proceed to Marsabit, a cool, misty mountain
town in the North. Drive up to Lake Marsabit in time to see the animals coming out for
an evening drink, visit the 3 crater lakes in the park before going to your hotel for
dinner. The sunset from the hills is also worth the drive.

Day 5: Marsabit to Nairobi

In the morning visit the cool forested town and buy some souvenirs, before heading out
back to the city. Stop over at Nanyuki for lunch then proceed with the journey to Nairobi to
arrive early in the evening